CYT Milwaukee - Fall 2012 Showcase

CYT Milwaukee - Fall 2012 Showcase


CYT Milwaukee will be producing Godspell March 23 to April 1st, 2012!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today is the day - auditions for Godspell.

Since most of our "marketing" has switched to facebook and email, this will be more of a personal nature.

I got up this morning and felt very weepy in a happy way.  All the dreams we have been praying for are coming true.  Today is the day!  Today's audition day!   It looks like our cast size will be more than we hoped!  God is so so good.

I am personally so grateful for CYT in my life and my children's lives.  It's been such an amazing experience journeying down this road and I feel somewhat giddy with excitement for Godspell.  I am SO SO excited that Justin Parks and Paul Brown are our directors.  I know that everyone involved in this production will be changed for the better.  (I just realized I am quoting For Good from Wicked!   I love the music from Wicked.)

I cannot fully put my feelings into words. . ..  I am too excited.  It reminds me that on Thursday night at CYT my class did the adjective game to introduce themselves.  I said I was "jumpy Jodi" not just because of dance but because I get jumpy. . . .yeah. . . so true.  I am literally almost bouncing out of my shoes.

But I will still try.  Since January 1st, I have been specifically praying the song "God of This City" for Milwaukee.  I have been burdened to pray this song and it occurred to me that CYT is a part of this.  "Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city."

I love CYT - I love it that my children have an amazing organization to explore their passion - musical theater.  I also love it because I LOVE musical theater and I love to dance.  Being able to dance and share my love for dance with children is phenomenal.  Having a reason to be dancing all the time and choreographing, YAY. . . love it.  What I love more is watching the lives of children change.  Watching them begin to discover the talents the Lord has given them.   Please Jesus, use CYT to make Milwaukee better.    I TRULY believe that once the word is out CYT Milwaukee could become rapidly large.  There is NOTHING like CYT in Milwaukee.  Tons of theater groups, even children's theater but CYT is unique in many ways.   If you want to check out CYT, come watch Godspell and sign up for spring classes.

If we decide to keep this going, it may be time for a blog title change - CYT Milwaukee. . . the dream that became a reality!  ???  not sure yet but thinking.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you CYT Chicago - you have been so amazing as we have gone down this road.

Thank you Justin Parks for all you have done to get us to this point!

Thank you Lori Walla!  I am so grateful you have let me walk down this road and help you bring CYT to Milwaukee :)  I am truly grateful for your friendship and mentorship.  You are an amazing woman.

Many others have helped us down this road.  We are grateful for all of you <3

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